Are you still picking up the pieces of your relationship after the
affair. Has it been months… maybe years without any luck of
any positive change. If you are fighting to fix what has been
broken then I want to tell you a story…

Even though this may sound like a fairy tale, it certainly didn’t
start like one.

(I’ve changed the names, to protect the couple.)

Kevin was manager of a very successful restaurant
and Donna was a nurse. After being married for 17 years, 2 kids
and two very demanding jobs they emotionally grew apart.

Sound familiar?

What made it worse is when Kevin came home and dropped the
bomb that he’d been having a 6 month affair with Kris, the waitresses
from the restaurant.

And to top it off he was moving out.

Donna, was devastated, enraged, and humiliated.

“How could this woman, Kris, come into our lives and
destroy 17 years?”

“How could my husband do this to me and my children?”

The jealousy, shame, loss of hope, betrayal, anger, fear,
frustration and insecurity were almost too much for Donna to

She immediately went into a deep depression.

It’s wasn’t only Donna that was traumatized. Her two children
were facing the possibility that their mom and dad would

This seemingly perfect family was ripped apart almost overnight.

When you are 14 and 12, having your parents together is crucial
for your sense of safety and self-worth. Remembering the day
their father left still holds scars (and many tears).

After 4 weeks Donna decided to try to pick up the pieces and
do what she could to salvage this wreck. However Kevin was
stone cold and unwilling.

She tried:

> talking…
> going to personal counseling…
> discussing details…
> even reading self-help books…

However nothing seemed to work to motivate Kevin to work
on the relationship.

Finally after 7 weeks of being separated, Kevin’s affair with
Kris ended and he decided to move home.

Apparently, he felt guilty and realized that he didn’t want to
hurt his children.

But still he refused to go to counseling or restore the relationship.
He was simply going to stay for a limited time for the children
until he could figure out what he wanted to do.

Now you know why I say this was far from a fairy tale.

That’s when Donna found me online. She was close to giving up
because she had taken more than she though she could handle.

However, one night she read my article on Surviving an Affair
and decided to invest in:

How to Survive An Affair

Even after she purchased it, she had serious concerns
about her husband’s willingness.

“How can I motivate my husband to engage with me and
heal our marriage?”

She had every right to wonder that.

However, I told Donna not to concern herself with this.
Right now she needed to worry about herself and let
Kevin develop the desire to change.

You see, we all know that we cannot force change on
someone else.

It has to be a freewill decision. Forcing someone to change
is in fact telling them that they are not valid or that what they
are currently doing is not good enough.

It can only make matters worse.

That means:

> Not forcing someone to read my program…
> Not conveniently leaving the system around where they can find it…
> Not giving ultimatums.

No, in fact if you want someone to change, you have to
give them a reason to change. You need to inspire them.

Here’s what Donna did.

She decided to put aside her fear and went through my
entire Survive An Affair program. There are 3 distinct
phases and each one is designed to be followed in

After she went through the first phase, she was able to
get a handle on her emotions. All of the:

* Jealousy
* Uncertainty
* Shame
* Loss of hope
* Betrayal
* Guilt
* Disappointment
* Anger
* Vengefulness
* Fear
* Frustration
* Paranoia
* And many more (too many to list here)

You see, I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t experienced these
emotions. Once you feel them, you can either stuff them or
learn how to process them.

However, if left alone, you will become calloused. I saw it
starting to happen to Donna.

This is why, I instructed Donna to go to page 38 of Section 1,
where I took her by the hand and showed her how to process
the Eight Heart-Wrenching Emotions.

After she took a few weeks to do this (and leave Kevin alone)…
that’s when it started to break.

Read what she wrote…

‘Thursday afternoon late in the day Kevin came home early from
work. I still had a few hours before the kids got home from
school, so I was surprised when I heard the door open.

We hadn’t really talked in months, so you can only imagine
how tense it was just the two of us alone. However, I knew
something was going on. Kevin very rarely got off work early,
in the restaurant business.

We spoke for a few minutes and he acknowledged that he
knew I was studying your system. He saw me reading it,
and I am sure he glanced at it, but what happened next I
never expected.

He tried to open his mouth to talk but nothing came out.
He was speechless. He just broke down and cried.

I’ve never seen him cry so hard. It broke my heart.

He told me how sorry he was for all the pain he caused
me and the family. He told me that he didn’t deserve me.

And that’s when I lost it. We must have cried for a 20 minutes.

After that we were able to talk for almost an hour and half before the
children came home and it was an answer to prayer.

In essence, he explained to me how he saw a difference in
me and appreciated the patience I had with him even though
he knew I wanted to kill him at times.

He agreed to making a new start and told me he would begin
your system because he could see it made a huge impact
on me and he was willing to give it a try.

Not just for the children, but for the reason why he married
me in the first place. Because he loved me.

It was the best news I had in 11 sleepless weeks.

It was a start and a little ray of hope. So I took it.

Thank you for your program and thanks for dedicating your life to
saving families.’

Donna (real name withheld)

Several weeks following I was pleased to discover that Kevin and
Donna were successfully going through my system and things
were changing.

Now after 6 months they are:

> Talking about the details…
> Communicating without raging and screaming…
> Learning how to be transparent and honest…
> Starting to rebuild the trust that was lost.

I’m not going to lie to you. Change will not happen overnight.
It took a long time for things to get bad, so making them better
will require patience.

But it is possible. Especially if you have the right tools
and you apply them in the right order.

That’s what made a difference for Donna. She realized that my
system was one that needed to be followed just as I laid it out.

You see, I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I know what works
and what doesn’t. There is not too much that is new under this
sun of ours.

So even though you feel like your circumstances are different…
I have news. They aren’t. They are pretty close to the 1500 people
I’ve helped in the last 60 days. If you are willing (even if you’re spouse
isn’t.) Don’t worry. There is still hope.

Read a few emails I just received:

‘I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do. You
saved my marriage and without your book for guidance it
would not have been possible.

When my marriage fell apart I felt I had no one to turn to that
really understood how I was feeling. Then I found your program
on the internet one night and I just began to cry. It was like
you had been with me through it all! You understood how all
my emotions and had answers on how to handle them.

When my husband and I decided to try and reconcile I shared
your book with him. It made a huge difference! He said, until
he read your book he did not really realize how what he had
done really affected me and our relationship. Now here we are
one year later still working on our relationship, but now also
enjoying our relationship together! Thank you so much!’


‘I really appreciate the extra report, How To Save The
Relationship If You Cheated, because it helped me
understand what I did and what to do about it, in addition,
the 21-step spontaneous healing plan, because I needed
something fast and to the point.’

H Perry

‘My husband had an affair and I didn’t know what
to do so I phoned around and realized counseling was too
expensive for me to afford. Next I checked the internet, and
found many of the program introductions seemed to be man
bashing except yours. I was impressed by the introduction
so I showed it to my husband and he agreed to give it a try.
After he read the section on the cheating partner, he ended
his affair. Thanks.’

D Wilcox
Edmonton, Alberta

You see, if you are willing to save your marriage then you are
in the right place.

All you need now is a step-by-step program for effectively
working through the issues without making matters worse.

If you have the faith I can show you today:

>> Why the affair happened.
>> Why cheaters cheat.
>> What was missing in your relationship?
>> How to get what you want out of your relationship
without dragging your spouse kicking and screaming.
>> What to do when you both see red and neither party
is willing to back down.
>> How to protect your relationship from getting any worse.
>> How to ask for forgiveness.
>> How to talk through the details of the affair.
>> How to get your spouse to accept what you say without
accusing you of lying.
>> How to know you can trust your spouse again without
being taken for a fool.

(and that’s only 1 phase of my 3 phase system.)

So if you are serious about getting your spouse to
talk with you and heal your relationship, then use the
link below and take action today.

Remember this one point.

Even though many say that time is great healer… when
left too long, I have seen many relationships go to the point
of no return. Even with time.

Don’t let that happen to you. Even if you think it is beyond
repair… take a chance and put me to the test.

Before you decide, I want you to take 2 minutes to visit
my site and read another powerful story.

Here I will lay out exactly what Ray and Kathy did to heal their
relationship. Go there now.


Warm Regards,

Dr. Frank Gunzburg

PS – The other day I received this e-mail from Nichole
Williams. It’s proof that you too can use my system to
heal your relationship after an affair and start fresh.
Read what she had to say:

‘…we are starting over with a clean slate’

I have been working for a long time trying to rebuild
trust with my husband after his affair. He felt that
just because he was sorry and wanted to work it out that
I should IMMEDIATELY trust him again and stop talking about
the affair. However, I still had questions that were
haunting me and could not move forward. Once he read your
section on how to rebuild the trust, he understood more
about what I needed from him!

It is amazing that some of the things mentioned in your
section are exactly what I wanted to happen. Of course
when I said it, he didn’t give much thought to it, but I
guess seeing it in writing from an actual author made
it real.

After reading just this one section and understanding
what I needed from him, my husband agreed to answer ANY
question I had in regards to his affair. Believe me, it
wasn’t easy for either one of us to actually have to tell
the truth about what happened on his part and for me
to hear it.

But now for the first time, I honestly feel like we are
starting over with a clean slate.

Thank you Dr. Gunzburg!’

Nicole Williams
Oceanside, CA

If you found yourself nodding your head as you read that
because you’ve been in the same situation as Nicole, then
you might find this same section that Nicole read helpful
as well.

Go now to the website below to get access to the same
information that helped Nicole survive an affair:


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