Evaluating the Idea of Forgiveness in Your Marriage

July 6th, 2011

Whether your spouse has said they’re sorry and asked for your forgiveness or not, you may still struggle with the idea of forgiving their heinous, cheating actions.

It’s a thorny question: should you forgive your cheating spouse, or should you not offer them the absolution of your forgiveness? And if they haven’t asked for forgiveness, what does it mean for you?

Read on to determine the answer that fits your situation.

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Is it possible to forgive and forget?

February 9th, 2010

What to Do When You Can’t Forgive .

You’ve been betrayed.

Your spouse, the person you once loved and trusted most in the world, took advantage of your confidence and walked all over it leaving you to stew in your sickening feelings of anger, shame, resentment, fear, and maybe even jealousy.

Perhaps your spouse cheated on you, breaking the sacred oath of fidelity that was the foundation of your marriage.

Or maybe your spouse broke faith with you by systematically lying about who he was or what he was doing. Gambling, stealing, drinking excessively, or getting involved in nefarious business dealings are a few examples that come to mind.

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