Is it Your Fault Spouse Cheated?

October 14th, 2015

Your spouse cheated, and your emotions and heart are devastated. Every negative thought possible seems to be running through your head as you realize you’re married to a cheater—something you may have thought you’d never have to deal with.

You know that being married is a partnership, and you may want to carry some of the blame for your spouse’s cheating.

Don’t go there.

Your responsibility comes now, post-affair. In this blog, we’ll look at 3 key responsibilities you have now as you try to pick up the pieces of your life and consider rebuilding your marriage. Read on…

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Saving a Marriage in Crisis (1 Ingredient)

July 8th, 2015

Is your marriage in crisis? Maybe it hit the skids, and has almost been finished off by an affair.

Keeping a marriage together takes work. And a marriage in crisis? There isn’t a way to not do the work when it comes to saving your marriage.

In this blog, I’ll help you evaluate whether you’re taking advantage of one tactic for saving—and building—your marriage. Read on…

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Keep Spouse’s Attention on the Marriage, Not Affair Fantasies

June 24th, 2015

Whether or not you are dealing with a cheating spouse—or a spouse who is on the edge of cheating, your marriage may still have very big issues that need solving.

Looking outside of the marriage can seem like the “answer” to some spouses. After all, new relationships don’t have the messy problems that a marriage can build up over time. The only problem is… being married.

In this post, let’s look at your relationship and identify ways to remove the “grass is greener” mentality of looking outside of the marriage as a mechanism for avoiding the work involved to fix what’s broken. Read on…

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Want to Save Your Marriage? Take the Lead.

June 15th, 2015

Your marriage is in crisis, either from an affair, neglect—or a relationship-deadly combination of both.

You may be waiting for your spouse to make a move: let him or her make amends, fix the problems in your marriage, turn things around.

Don’t hold your breath.

In this blog, I’ll tell you why, and give you 3 tips to save your marriage, before you slide into divorce court wondering “what happened?” Please keep reading…

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Is Social Media Causing Your Marriage Problems?

May 26th, 2015

Is social media responsible for your marriage problems? Or has your spouse blamed social media for getting involved with someone else and having an affair?

More and more couples are coming within a hair’s breadth of divorce—if not absolutely going over the cliff—due to social media.

In this blog, we’ll look at social media and its role in marriage problems, and I’ll give you 3 tips for how to protect your marriage. Please keep reading…

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Marriage Help

March 4th, 2015

Are you waiting for you marriage to get better, but haven’t actually sought marriage help?

You may think that giving some thought to your marriage will make things better. After all, a relationship that is pushed into the corner may not stand a chance, but a relationship in which you acknowledge some work is needed has to be better off, right?

But if you wait too long, you may doom your marriage. In this blog, I’ll tell you about some recent marriage research about couples in crisis, and three steps for turning your marriage around—for the better. Read on…

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Marriage Problems & Emotional Control

February 2nd, 2012

Many marriage problems are the result of explosive emotional outbursts on the part of one or both spouses. Or, your marriage problem may include never expressing what you’re feeling to one another.

While it’s important to acknowledge the emotions you feel, a balance must be struck so that you and your spouse can use emotions to come closer together—not drive an irreversible wedge between yourselves that kills intimacy.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore how emotions can have an impact on marriage, including its problems. Please keep reading to get 3 valuable tips…

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Marriage Problems: Emotional Tug-of-War

January 12th, 2012

Many marriage problems are the result of dual entrenchment: you dig in on your side, your spouse digs in on their side—and you can’t seem to meet in the middle.

Or maybe your marriage problems are centered on neglect. You both hold on to small grudges about arguments and issues that you don’t feel you can “win,” so then when you do try to share something, maybe your spouse ignores you. Then, next time your spouse tries to share something, and you brush him or her off.

In this blog, I’ll give you three tips for ending this emotional tug-of-war and resolve this common marriage problem, allowing you to reconnect with your spouse. Read on…

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Unfaithful: Is Your Spouse Considering an Affair?

December 9th, 2011

Is your spouse about to be unfaithful?

There are often signs that someone is on the verge of being unfaithful or is considering having an affair. Identify these signs early enough and you just may be able to stop an affair from happening.

In this blog, I will discuss early warning signs that your spouse may be considering being unfaithful, and 3 ways to take action to stop an affair before it can happen. Read more…

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The Challenge of Admitting “My Wife Cheated On Me”

December 1st, 2011

Telling anyone “my wife cheated on me” can be a very difficult thing for a man to admit.

It’s not somehow easier for a woman to admit her husband has cheated on her, either, but a woman generally has an easier time speaking up and expressing her emotions than a man might. This doesn’t mean that a man doesn’t feel the pain cut just as deeply as a woman will upon learning that his wife has cheated on him.

In this blog, I will share some outdated ideas about infidelity. In addition, I’ll offer help to the men who are struggling with the challenge of admitting “my wife cheated on me.” Please read on…

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