One Foot in the Relationship

May 16th, 2016

There’s one heartbreaking additional burden that some victims of affairs are forced to deal with, and that’s when the cheater keeps just one foot in the marriage, and the other is in the extramarital relationship.

What should you do when confronted with this horrible situation, where your partner’s indecisiveness is tearing you apart?

In this blog, we’ll look at what to do with a partner who thinks one foot in the relationship is fun living for the victim… and what the victim’s options are. Please keep reading…

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Will He Have an Affair? Affair-Proof Your Marriage

December 2nd, 2011

If only you had a crystal ball, you would be able to see whether or not your spouse will someday cheat on you. Or, a magic mirror where you could ask, “Will he have an affair?”

Most of us would elect to have foreknowledge such as this in order to avoid the excruciating emotional pain of finding out after the fact. For many cheaters, they find themselves caught up in a situation where an affair “just happened.”

In this blog, I will offer you 3 tips for affair-proofing your marriage, though there are no guarantees. However, pre-planning and discussion can go a long way to heading off those situations that “just happen.”

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Healing From Infidelity

November 2nd, 2011

Has your spouse broken their vows, ripped your marriage apart and left you reeling—and now you’re struggling to find healing from infidelity?

Do you wonder whether or not you can ever forgive this offense and move on with your marriage, and that healing from infidelity is even possible?

Forgiving a spouse is one of the most challenging issues the victim of an affair has to deal with, which we will look at in today’s blog. Also, I will give you 3 tips to help you in your struggle to obtain the necessary healing from infidelity so you can move forward with your life. Please keep reading…

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Rediscover Yourself after the Affair

September 7th, 2010

Reeling from the upheaval that results from the revelations during and after the affair, your world may seem shattered into so many fragments that you don’t know which piece to pick up first.

Perhaps you have a family to consider, children who could potentially be negatively impacted by your cheating spouse’s decisions—not to mention your home life and your ability to function as a part of the family. You obviously have your marriage to consider—it’s currently in shreds. You may also have a job to juggle—your inner turmoil could be throwing off your ability to focus.

In the last post, you learned 3 critical steps you must take before you can even begin your journey of rediscovery—as you work to survive the emotional destruction unleashed by your spouse’s affair. In this post, I’ll explain why it’s essential that you focus on yourself, and provide some steps you can take on the path to healthy rediscovery.

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Survive an Affair and Rediscover Yourself

August 31st, 2010

In a twisted way, your partner’s infidelity has handed you a unique gift: the chance to assess your life, what your needs are, and discover who you are. It has probably been a long time since you did that, having spent years of your life in your marriage, and maybe lost sight of the person you once were.

The infidelity has left you reeling, and you find yourself caught up in the aftermath of the emotional devastation your spouse created. Thanks for destroying my life, you selfish weasel, right? You thought you knew this man/woman, and felt secure in your relationship. You thought you knew yourself. Now, all you know is that you’re feeling lost and alone—and have a burning desire to rediscover who you are.

In this post, I’ll share with you the 3 critical steps you must take before you can begin your own journey of rediscovery—and surviving the emotional destruction that your spouse’s affair caused.

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Why Cheaters Cheat

December 15th, 2009

Do you find yourself desperately trying to understand why your spouse cheated? Do you search your brain looking for a logical explanation to make sense of your spouse’s actions only to be left wondering over and over again?

If so, you aren’t alone. People who are faced with the devastating realization of an affair almost always ask themselves this question at some point.

If you have gone through the trauma of finding out your spouse cheated, you probably want to know, “Why?”

In this article I will be exploring an answer to this question. The answer I offer probably won’t be the one you expect, but I hope it will help shed some light on this problem. Please read on.

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