Are You Emotionally Literate?

May 25th, 2011

After you found out your spouse cheated on you, any doubts that have ever been in the background of your mind about your decision to marry your spouse come roaring to the forefront.

If you had doubts before, the affair has cemented them in your mind. You think, “I never did really understand my spouse, and my spouse certainly doesn’t seem to get me. Maybe we shouldn’t have married…”

And yet, you more than likely want to save your marriage. So refrain from regretting the past and look toward building your future. It’s possible to survive an affair and build a strong relationship—using a method I’ll share with you so you can better communicate the emotions you are feeling. Read on…

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How Much Do You and Your Spouse Talk at Dinner?

July 13th, 2010

A small study involving 500 married couples revealed a startling pattern: the longer a couple was married, the fewer minutes they spent talking at the dinner table.

Unfortunately, this didn’t mean they were talking anywhere else instead. They just weren’t talking at all. Is your marriage experiencing something similar, with communication dwindling from the early years’ gusher to the now-familiar drip?

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