Marriage Advice: Examine Your Physical Relationship

November 14th, 2011

Has your sex life with your spouse hit a roadblock? Here’s some marriage advice: move it.

A fulfilling sexual relationship with your spouse is just one way to deepen intimacy between you. It’s healthy and fun—and an important ingredient in your marriage.

In this blog, I’ll explain why. I’ll tell you about some research that was done about what a satisfying sexual relationship in a marriage signifies, and then I’ll give you some steamy marriage advice: 3 erotic ways to recapture the bedroom magic. Keep reading…

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Romance: Reignite Your Marriage’s Spark

October 19th, 2011

When it comes to romance, what story are you telling yourself? “I’m just not romantic, it’s not who I am,” or, “My spouse doesn’t respond to romantic gestures.”
You may believe you aren’t a natural when it comes to being romantic, so you’ve given up trying.
Don’t doom your marriage to failure by avoiding romance: it’s the secret sauce of an intimate relationship. Read on for tips to revive romance and reignite your marriage’s spark…

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