Surviving Affair Trauma: 3 Steps To End Suspicion

January 4th, 2012

So you no longer trust your spouse while you are also working on surviving affair trauma. He or she cheated, and every time they leave the house, you wonder whether they’re contacting the paramour.

Your spouse is late coming home, doesn’t answer their phone, or takes up a new hobby—and you experience a series of images that flash through your mind like a horror film.

Suspicion is eating you alive. In this blog, I’ll help you cope with these feelings as you work on healing and surviving affair trauma, offering you a tool and 3 tips for using it. Keep reading…

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Why Cheaters Cheat

December 15th, 2009

Do you find yourself desperately trying to understand why your spouse cheated? Do you search your brain looking for a logical explanation to make sense of your spouse’s actions only to be left wondering over and over again?

If so, you aren’t alone. People who are faced with the devastating realization of an affair almost always ask themselves this question at some point.

If you have gone through the trauma of finding out your spouse cheated, you probably want to know, “Why?”

In this article I will be exploring an answer to this question. The answer I offer probably won’t be the one you expect, but I hope it will help shed some light on this problem. Please read on.

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