Confronting a Suspected Cheater

February 20th, 2012

You may have a sixth sense that something isn’t quite right with your spouse, and you may suspect he/she is cheating. Your gut is telling you… something is off.

Maybe your spouse is sprucing up a bit more before going to work. Or, they’ve gone from a depressive state to elated—for no apparent reason.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, you may feel torn about confronting them with your suspicions. In this blog, I’ll give you three considerations for confronting the issue—and your spouse—head on. Keep reading…

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Are Your Suspicions Justified?

March 23rd, 2010

Jessica had noticed a change in Eric’s behavior lately. He was pensive, distant, disconnected. He seemed to be hiding something.

She had seen him act this way before, and it made her sick to her stomach to see it again.

The last time he was like this, he was having an affair.

Her mind reeled at the terrifying possibilities.

What if he had gone back to his old lover? What if he found a new one? She had already been through the nightmare once. She didn’t think she could handle it again.

When Jessica asked Eric about it, he said, “I know I’ve been a little off recently. And I know what you’re thinking. You have every right to your suspicions, but it isn’t like that. Not this time. I’d like to tell you about this sweetie. But I can’t. Not right now. Give me time, and I will share everything with you.

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