Have you ever wanted to know the right thing to say to get your partner to eat out of the palm of your hand?  

We’re not talking about anything manipulative here. Your approach with your partner should always be from a place of honesty.  

But let’s face it: there is the right way to talk to your partner, and there is the wrong way. If you want good results, you need to say the right things, and I want to help you with that. There are the right things to say that has the effect of pulling them in and wanting to be closer to you.  

So what is it you need to say to get them to drool over you and think you are the best person they’ve ever been in a relationship with? Find out in today’s blog. Read on… 

Human Nature: What Does Your Partner Want? 

You want to say the right things to your partner, but sometimes relationships get off track and stuck into patterns that aren’t good for either person. Yet, you feel helpless in moving out of those patterns. It’s what you know, it’s how you interact: take them away, and won’t you be left with a vacuum in place? 

Anyone who wants to improve their relationship has to understand that it is a process and it won’t happen every night. It’s not just one step and BANG you have this great relationship you’re in.  

Think of a marathon: it’s one step, then another, and then another.  

If you are in a place in your relationship right now where nothing you say is right, take heart: there are words you can say that can draw your partner closer to you.  

And it’s based on a very basic understanding of human nature. Let’s take you, for example.  

What do you respond best to?  

If you’re like 99.9% of the world, you respond best to words of praise and other positive messages. Think back to your early years in school: if a teacher was nasty and said things that were insulting to you on a personal level—not just to the whole class, did you do well under that teacher?  

More than likely, it made you feel bad about yourself, and bad about the classroom environment.  

So let’s take that into your home a moment: when your partner says something that is insulting or otherwise negative, how do you respond? 

Human nature is to want to get away from insulting or otherwise negative words.  

Now that you have the most basic understanding of human nature and what people respond best to, let’s look at some tips for incorporating more positive messaging in your relationship today. 

First Steps: Using the Power of Acknowledgment 

I’m going to use guys for my example, because most people don’t realize what words can really make a guy drool.  

Do you want to know what you can say to a guy to make him drool?  

There are 2 simple acknowledgements that really appeal to a guy, and they are: 

Acknowledgement 1: Compliment his ability to provide 

Whether you live together or he just takes you out on nice dates, a guy is really drawn t a partner who knows how to say thank you and acknowledge his efforts. If you have kids together, hearing an acknowledgment about how well he provides for the family can send him over the moon—and then have him coming back for more. 

Acknowledgement 2: Compliment his ability to contribute help 

Again, if you live together or he just comes over on the weekends, if a guy contributes a helping hand for those “honey-do” tasks, acknowledging how much his contribution helps you makes him glow—and drool over you. Who doesn’t want to hear praise for their efforts? 

Say this type of message to your partner—the right things, and you will soon experience how your relationship can begin to grow into a more positive path. You will be getting your relationship unstuck from negative patterns and building a relationship where mutual respect can thrive.

My best to you in saying the right things.

Have you wanted to know some of the right things to say to your partner?

Is your relationship stuck at the moment in a place where neither says the right thing?

Do you think it is difficult to offer these types of acknowledgments?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Wishing you the best in your relationship,

Stephanie Anderson


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