"What You Do and Say Right Now Will Determine Whether Or Not You Stay Married Tomorrow"

Now a Revolutionary New Method You can Use RIGHT NOW to Save Your Marriage Faster and Prevent a Nasty Divorce Before it's Too Late

Dear Friend,

Every word you say and action you take right now is under a microscope. That means you need to be 100% confident that what you do and say today and tomorrow is the right action, otherwise...

You Could Make Matters Worse Unless...

When you feel like the problems in your marriage are hopeless, sometimes you need an expert to show you why they aren't.

Listen How Kathy Saved
Her Marriage (And Her Life)

Listen to Kathy share her moving story how Randy helped her survive and get through the dark days.

Kathy J.
Boulder Colorado

But you need to BE CAREFUL, because even the smallest issues in your relationship can send your marriage to the grave if you don't get the right advice.

Family and friends are usually too emotionally-biased hence their advice may only make matters worse... and marriage counseling once a week isn't enough when you are in crisis mode and new problems pop up every day.

You can't wait until your next counseling session when you need answers right now.

After four months of testing with a hundred individuals, on January 12th, 2011 we opened the doors to a revolutionary new program individuals are using to save their marriages. This one-on-one advice is helping people get their spouses to come home, stop divorces and start feeling normal again. Let me explain...

A New Alternative That Will Save Your Marriage

After you discover an affair ... OR when your marriage is on the edge of divorce, you SHOULD have immediate access to EXPERT advice. Here's why...

  • You may be making the same mistakes over and over again without understanding what you're doing wrong.
  • You may be seeing your problems through a distorted lens.
  • Even if you solve one problem... you may wake up the next morning to a NEW set of problems.

Let me repeat... Bad advice can be deadly to the survival of your marriage.

That is why we developed the Marriage Sherpa Coaching Program.

Through this program... you will have instant, private and unlimited daily access to a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who can offer you real direction-as often as you need it.

The goal of the program is simple... To help you survive... and make your marriage work again.

Our team of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are state-licensed counselors and are here to provide you unlimited support through our secure membership site.

We want to help you make your marriage work. One of the most effective ways to do that is to provide you access to certified marriage therapists who are trained to help you avoid making matters worse and have the experience necessary to help you save your marriage.


Watch a short welcome video from Randall E. Bennett, MA, LMFT, LCPC, one of the licensed marriage and family therapists with Marriage Sherpa's coaching program.

Here's How the Program Works

When you sign up for the service, you'll receive a unique username and password.

Listen How Jackie Coped After She Discovered Her Husband's 3-year Affair

Listen as Jackie explains in her own words why it's necessary to have interaction every day with an expert when you are in "crisis mode."

Jackie R
Hayward, CA

The first time you login, you'll fill out a quick 2-minute profile so our therapists can get to know you and the challenges you face in your marriage. Then you begin.

Every interaction with your therapist is private and you are guaranteed a response within 1 business day – most of the time you will receive a response within hours.

This is perfect for individuals who need advice now, but can't afford regular counseling.

Because you access the service through our secure membership site, no personal information is shared via email... just a notification letting you know a therapist has responded to your question.

In fact, a complete history of your questions and the therapist's answers will be available in our secure web site so you can go back, review responses to your previous questions, and benefit from expert advice for the long-term.

Why Consider Advice from a
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

When you decide to hire a professional counselor, you want to find an expert with the best qualifications. The highest level of training available for learning how to help people heal their marriage is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist certification. There are many marriage counselors, but a small percentage of those are licensed therapists due to the expense, time investment, and rigor of the training.

To become a LMFT requires a minimum of a master's degree and 2 years of clinical experience under constant board oversight.

Once a person receives the LMFT certification, he or she is acknowledged by the state as an expert in helping couples with their marriages.

Instant and Unlimited Marriage Coaching
From a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Anytime You Need It

When you join our coaching program you will receive objective advice from a marriage therapist who has the authority to help your marriage work again.

Through this service you will get:

  • Instant pain-relief without leaving your house
  • Private unlimited interaction with a non-judgmental marriage therapist
  • A licensed therapist who will listen to you and provide step-by-step direction

Meet the Therapists

Randall E. Bennett, MA, LMFT, LCPC

Randy is currently a marriage and family therapist practicing in Aurora, IL. Since 1983, Randy has specialized in restoring marriages and child therapy and also trained clergy and counselors in premarital therapy, marital therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy.

Here's why this approach is proving to be so effective.

If you just uncovered the affair... you don't feel hurt... you feel gutted.

You may have believed you had the perfect marriage and now it all feels like an illusion. You trusted this person... now you wonder how can you ever trust him or her again?

The security you once felt has crumbled, the trust you gave your spouse is lost, and the person you thought you knew is a stranger.

You may even be struggling with an emotional breakdown. Even though this is a normal response... it doesn't FEEL normal. The personal devastation, fear, hopelessness, and depression may feel like more than you can bear.

Your family or friends may NOT know how you feel and their advice (quite frankly) may make matters worse...

What's critical at this time is a therapist who can help you sift through your emotions and provide you the support you need-on a daily basis in your times of crisis-so you can feel normal again. In your situation seeing a counselor once a month or even once a week often doesn't cut it.

Meet the Therapists

James Blaney, M.Ed, LMFT

James Blaney is a licensed marriage and family therapist with nearly twenty years experience in the mental health field. Starting in psychiatric hospitals, James has worked with adolescent and family issues, addictive personalities and certain strains of psychopathology. He has been a public speaker as well as a private and group therapist. He was most recently a marriage counselor in America's largest per capita church and currently serves as a crisis interventionist and college professor for the State of Tennessee.

Whether your marriage has been rocked by an affair or things have spun so far out of control that your marriage is teetering on the edge of divorce, you need non-biased advice to make the right decisions. The Marriage Sherpa therapists are experienced marriage and family therapists who know how to help you.

In fact, all of our therapists see clients face-to-face in their own practice and log in to the Marriage Sherpa system 1-3 hours a day to answer your questions.

After 10 years of sitting face to face with real people like you... they know the emotions you're wrestling with right now... and they know the decisions you're facing.

They'll help you work through...

  • Your personal questions-Maybe you're struggling with your personal identity right now and just need someone to help rebuild your self-esteem.
  • Previous problems that may be haunting your relationship-We all have a past and learning how to address those issues may be a critical of saving your marriage.
  • HARD questions about your current relationship-At the very least the Marriage Sherpa counselors will show you how to put the odds in your favor.

You wouldn't invest hundreds of thousands into a new business, without the right advisors... You wouldn't want to go to war without the wisdom of expert strategists...

And you shouldn't risk losing your marriage because you didn't have the direction you needed (when you needed it) to fix the core problems in your relationship.

That's Why We've Made Access Easy, Secure, and 100% Private

Through our secure online system, you can login to the Marriage Sherpa coaching site any time you want and access our therapists. That means:

Working on Herself First,
Saved Alice's Marriage

Listen to Alice share how she was blind sided by her husband's affair and how James's experience helped her feel normal again.

Alice P.
Ontario Canada

  • There are no scheduling conflicts.
  • You don't have to leave the house.
  • You have the freedom to communicate when you want.
  • You get unlimited and immediate access to an experienced therapist.
  • You'll not only have time to think about your problems and questions, but the advantage of reading and re-reading the answers our counselors provide.

When you take the time to contemplate the problem and write it out, that in itself can be healing. Reading an expert's response to your concerns can broaden your understanding and guide you toward an easier solution.

Through the coaching program you'll receive sound advice for:

  • Learning how to talk to your spouse, even after all the lies and deceit.
  • Resolving anger and stopping fights before they start.
  • Regaining a better understanding of your marital problems.

Like I said earlier, you may win a small victory one day, but wake up the next day to a whole NEW set of problems.

That's why we're offering this service.

We don't have a lot of counselors... which is an advantage for you because you can get to know them and build a relationship of trust and respect.

If you are in marriage-crisis mode, even if you see a counselor once a week or once a month, we strongly encourage you to use this service, because this service was designed for YOU.

Use the Service for 3 Months and See the Transformation

You have nothing to lose. A marriage coach may be the difference that saves your marriage.

Because you access actual marriage counselors with a proven track record we have to charge a moderate monthly subscription fee, but you can cancel at any time.

With unlimited access to ask any question you want, the Marriage Sherpa Coaching Program is designed to help YOU.

  • Help is there in a few hours ... not days.
  • You have access to expert advice without dragging your family into your marriage.
  • It's 100% private.
  • One month of unlimited access is cheaper than 1 hour of face-to-face counseling.
  • You get immediate access to emotional support.
  • There is no judgment.
  • You'll gain peace of mind.

Cancel Anytime-100% Guaranteed

This service is NEW and revolutionary. In fact it's so new that we can only allow 250 subscribers at a time to ensure our therapists provide attentive, empathic, quality responses to your questions.

If you look online, you will find similar programs that provide email and phone coaching services, but those services either charge $47 per email or between $99 and $300 an hour per phone session.

Nobody is offering unlimited access to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists for less than the cost of 1 hours of face-to-face counseling. Except us...

Unlimited email access to a Marriage Sherpa coach is only $99 a month. We are able to offer this low price because of the smart use of technology and we are able to keep our operating expenses very low. That way we are able to help as many people as possible.

Gaining access is simple and FAST... Simply use the link below to get started.

Get Started Right Now
You Have 2 Payment Options

Option #1 (Best VALUE): The program normally costs $297 for three months, but during this limited-time offer, you can get the recommended 3 months of access for only $197 (a savings of $100). After 3 months your membership will automatically continue for only $99 a month and you can cancel at any time.

Click the button below and pay only $197 for 3 months.

3 months for $197 - 1 month FREE

Option #2: Access the Marriage Sherpa Coaching Program as much as you need and pay only $99 a month. Every month your subscription will automatically renew-you can cancel at any time.

Click the button below and pay only $99 per month.

1 Pay Option - $99 per month

Heal Yourself and Your Relationship Quicker with a Marriage Coach

Having a full-time marriage coach is a smart way to get the support you need to make your marriage work again. Through this unlimited private and secure program you will work with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and:

  • Discover how to talk again...
  • Get instant help to survive the affair...
  • Feel normal again...
  • Bring your spouse home...
  • Learn how to develop 100% transparency...
  • Rebuild your self-esteem...
  • Repair your broken heart...
  • Gain a better understanding of your marital problems...
  • Receive advice for moving on...
  • Access emotional support that will help your marriage work again...
  • Feel 100% confident you are making the right choices...
  • Learn how to get your life back...

The Marriage Sherpa Coaching Program is perfect when you need...

  • Private and personal questions answered...
  • Someone who will listen and provide non-judgmental advice...
  • Immediate responses-questions are answered within 1 business day (even sooner most of the time ...)
  • 100% guaranteed privacy and security...
  • A complete history of all your questions (and answers)...
  • The freedom to talk when you have time...

I hope you take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to save your marriage.

Wishing you hope and healing for your marriage.

Stephanie Anderson

Frequently Asked Questions about
the Marriage Sherpa Coaching Program

1. How does it work?

Unlike other email coaching services that charge $49 per question, we provide unlimited access to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists for a low monthly fee.

After you subscribe, you'll receive a unique username and password allowing you to immediately login to our secure site, ask your questions, and receive your answers. Once your question has been answered by one of our marriage therapists, you'll receive an email instructing you to login to retrieve your answer.

None of the responses will be sent to your email, which ensures an extra layer of privacy. You must login to the secure site to access your answers.

2. Who is this service for?

This service wasn't designed to replace face-to-face marriage counseling. This service was designed to enhance the healing process by supporting you.

You need help processing your emotions, working through painful decisions, and organizing your thoughts.

Because couples' counseling focuses on restoring the relationship, many times the emotional chaos you're struggling to manage is left untouched.

When you're hurting you want help immediately and monthly therapy or even weekly therapy isn't enough.

By having access to an experienced professional as opposed to the potentially destructive opinions of friends and family, you can receive objective advice that will help you make smart relationship decisions designed to restore your marriage instead of breaking it apart.

Our team of certified marriage counselors will focus on helping you:

  • Manage the emotions and pain you're feeling after discovering the affair
  • Teach you how to communicate with your spouse
  • Resolve anger
  • Regain your self-worth
  • Provide clear direction to regain your path
  • Gain a better understanding of your marriage problems
  • Learn how to trust again
  • Work through difficult decisions (Like should I stay or should I go ...)
  • Manage depression and control your thoughts
  • Make your marriage work again

We're "pro-marriage", that means you'll never hear any of our counselors suggest divorce.

3. How quickly will I get an answer?

All questions will be answered within 1 business day sometimes quicker.

4. How do I know the counselor is really qualified?

Each of our counselors has a minimum of a master's degree, 2 years of clinical experience, and 10 years of face-to-face experience.

5. How is the data managed?

After you subscribe, you'll receive a special username and password to login and ask your question.

All questions and responses are hosted and protected on our secure server. No personal information is sent via email other than a notification that your question has been answered.

That means you can login and interact with our team of marriage counselors privately, on your time, when it's convenient for you.

6. How is my exchange private and confidential?

Because the information is hosted on our secure site, you'll access the site with your personal username and password when it's convenient for you. We designed it this way to ensure your privacy.

7. Is this better than face-to-face counseling?

We understand that face-to-face counseling offers a different dynamic and more of an emotional connection. However, e-coaching offers the advantage of instant and unlimited access.

We don't have a large group of counselors, so you'll build a relationship quickly with each one.

Our new e-coaching service is affordable enough to allow you the constant care you need to rebuild your self-esteem and nurture the restoration of your marriage.

Plus, being able to process your feelings in writing and access a complete history of your interactions with our counselors provides the advantage of going back and re-reading the advice shared so you can absorb it and understand it in new, more meaningful ways.

8. What kind of advice can I expect to receive from the counselors?

All the advice you'll receive will be "pro-marriage." That means we'll provide specific advice to help you save your marriage and stop a divorce.

Whether you need emotional support, help overcoming negative thoughts, or direction for reconnecting or communicating with your spouse, our number one goal is to help you "make your marriage work."

9. How much personal information do I need to share?

Because you control the process, you can determine how many details you feel are relevant to receive specific advice from our counselors. Before you begin, we'll have you fill out our "relationship profile" which allows our therapists to understand what challenges you face and what concerns you have so they can better address your questions.

10. How often can I interact with the counselor?

Unlike many services that charge per email, you can access our marriage counselors whenever you need them for a low monthly subscription. In addition, one benefit to our service is that you can come back and access the full history of your questions and answers any time you need.

11. Is this type of coaching personal enough?

Many users find this type of coaching to be very effective. Because writing often requires a little more thought, you may find this kind of deliberation helps you develop a better understanding of your own problems. Similarly, reading responses allows you the time to fully absorb the advice shared and process it in different ways than you would in therapy.

Although e-coaching is less personal than face-to-face therapy, this type of support is very effective to help you work through difficult emotions and decisions with an objective counselor instead of receiving potentially harmful advice from family and friends or an online relationship forum.

12. Will it be easy to intercept my email?

None of the information will be passed through email. Once a response is posted, you'll receive an email instructing you to login to the secure site and access your advice via your private username and password.

13. What is the cancellation policy?

As long as you cancel by the 7th of the month, you will receive a refund for that month. Any requests made after the 7th will not receive a refund. **For the $197 offer (which is 3 months for the price of 2), the FREE month be the third month. For example, if you cancel before the 7th on month one, you will receive a full refund, which would be a refund of $197. If you cancel by the 7th of the second month, you will receive a refund of $99.

Get Started Right Now
You Have 2 Payment Options

Option #1 (Best VALUE): The program normally costs $297 for three months, but during this limited-time offer, you can get the recommended 3 months of access for only $197 (a savings of $100). After 3 months your membership will automatically continue for only $99 a month and you can cancel at any time.

Click the button below and pay only $197 for 3 months.

3 months for $197 - 1 month FREE

Option #2: Access the Marriage Sherpa Coaching Program as much as you need and pay only $99 a month. Every month your subscription will automatically renew-you can cancel at any time.

Click the button below and pay only $99 per month.

1 Pay Option - $99 per month