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Step 1: Download How to Rebuild the Honesty

This program is designed to help you and your spouse rebuild the honesty and develop transparency in your relationship.

Inside this specialized program you both will learn how to wipe the slate clean and start over. You will learn:

  • How to rebuild trust
  • How to apologize
  • How to build transparency
  • How to open up your spouse
  • 13 ways to reduce suspicion
  • How to express your feelings
  • How to talk about suspicions
  • How to communicate everything

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Step 2: Download the Honesty Audio

Download the mp3 interview. Simply right click on the link below.

High quality mp3 file

How to Make Your Marriage Honest, Loving, and Safe Again

This companion guide will provide the tools you need to replace the lies with honesty. This is a powerful tool especially if your relationship has experienced an affair.

Right-click on this link to download the PDF file right to your computer.